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We covered a lot of ground during our sessions and I was surprised and very happy with our coaching . As far as the value of our time together, it was an 8-9... It's hard to get a 10 out of someone like me. I really enjoyed the sessions and gained valuable insight. Here is a quote that is written on the wall inside the SEAL training compound where students PT it’s one of my favorites “The only easy day was yesterday”. I look forward to our next session.


Mike V

Navy Seal, Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), commonly known as DEVGRU (DEVelopment GRoUp) or SEAL Team Six.

These challenges will push you to your limits, but you'll have a great time in the process. Zerkers is all about living life to the fullest. All are welcome. Just bring your heart.


Bryon H

Vice President, Entrepreneur and Endurance Racer

I am blessed and honored to be part of @zerkers Underground Warriors and this amazing life transforming program. Meeting @jonchristianjervert a year ago opened my life to a whole new world of love and true soul connection with inspiring human beings who I am proud to call my family. UGW we rock! I love you! ❤ I share here with you part of my commitment statement for Challenge 2 and encourage you to get your copy of the 5 Challenge Book and take the journey into becoming your best version! It is an adventure of a lifetime that will lead you to incredible possibilities. Just reading the book is awakening! 😊🤩😍💪🙏❤🌎


Sandra Fernandez

Holistic biologist. Healer. Entrepreneur. Ecosocial global connector, nature & sustainability expert. Saving the Amazon rainforest in Peru.

Zerkers community and adventure challenges have created a positive impact on my life and have challenged me to pursue my passion and push my limits. Things I one thought were unattainable have become realities in my life. I am inspired and motivated to continue the journey to live life to the fullest. I now know anything is possible and I'm ready for any challenge life throws my way.


Jill V

Co-Owner at TGSE LLC, Entrepreneur, Adventure and Outdoor Enthusiast

Human performance coaching and evolved education is what I do. Unleashing people’s potential so they can rise to life’s challenges is who I am.


Life Is A Gift To Future Generations Impact it.

I believe adventure has the power to transform lives and unleash our greatest potential. And what I mean by unleashing potential is experiencing more fun, more adventure, and more success while creating a greater impact in the world, conquering out fear, and creating a life we love and a legacy for the world.


Life is a challenge Conquer it.

The reason I strongly believe this is after spending ten years working in an unfulfilling career, suffering burnout and depression, financial hardships, bankruptcy, loss of a home, and the struggles of raising a young family, My daughter asked me a profound question: “Dad, Do you love what you do?” The answer was a resounding no. I was 33 at the time and knew something had to change, and from that day forward vowing to lead my children by example, I committed to showing them that life was limitless and that all challenges could be overcome.


Life is an adventure Live it.

I spend the next decade doing just that and created Zerkers Academy and The 5 Challenges Program so that Adventure Seekers and Outdoor Enthusiasts can unlock peak performance by increasing focus, flow, and freedom in challenging environments so they can rise to life’s challenges and relentlessly pursue creating a life they love and legacy for the world.



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